The Fabric of Our Being

Thank you for stopping in to Nantucket Way.


Nantucket Way Is a curated gallery of chic, on trend fashion, merged with a fun children’s aesthetic. In the love of our beautiful girls Elena and Eliana we envisioned the idea of offering a collection that appeals to all senses, encompassing various fabrics, styles and offering chic and trendy children’s attainable fashion.


Children have huge personalities, we wanted to show this and everything that makes them special, in a unique way. Why not do it through style while forming a niche space offering a variety of clothing at great price points!

Offering stylish clothing to all children is just one facet of our business. We also created our online boutique so it is easily accessible, dependable, and one that you will visit often. Our inventory will be in constant rotation throughout the seasons, which will be unique to our store and our ever-changing assortment.


With that in mind, we want to thank you for stopping into Nantucket Way. As you will see, we are so much more than just a children’s clothing store. We also see it as a space to help the vision that we have for our daughters. As an African American Mom inspired by her vast culture and deep history, I want to teach that to my daughters. I want them to be proud of themselves, us, and what we are doing collectively, fueling that passion makes what we do fun and creative. It allows an outlet for all things fabulous and all things beautiful.

We love it!  And so do our girls!


Nantucketway.com will be much more than just simply a curated gallery of chic, on-trend fashion, merged with a fun children’s aesthetic. It will be a legacy for our children that they can be proud of and that they can continue. A place that you, our customers, may also call on when you need. We’re so glad to have you as our guest, a returning customer and ideally a big part of The Nantucket Way family!